Wednesday, 9 September 2009

what's on our workdesk wednesday

Ooooh, I came across this on a few blogs I visit and just had to join in. I love looking at other people's crafty spaces! The original posting can be found here.

I am actually lucky enough to have quite a large craft room, but part of it is also an office. I have 'stuff' everywhere, not just crafty stash but other stuff. I really need to have a sort out so that I can get more of those storage units off of my craft table.

These photos are actually me being tidy. Eeeek! I try to have a major tidy up once a week and I try to have some kind of clear up at the end of each project. I've got the papers out to start my next project. The photos are taken at night with a flash, so haven't come out too well.

My cutting mat is covered in stains but it is clean! The stains are ingrained .... ink and glue. I have another mat underneath which I use when I get really messy.
The plastic boxes contain my 12 x 12 papers. There are six on top of my desk and I have another ten boxes all jammed full, underneath the desk and around. Yes, I know ... if I live to be a hundred .....
The smaller storage compartments contain my little bits. Ribbon scraps sorted by colour. Actual ribbons which are not scraps are stored elsewhere. I also store buttons and brads and sewing machine thread spools and all sorts of other embellishments in these little compartments. I also have unopened buttons and brads and embellishments stored elsewhere. They only go into a little box when they have been opened!!
I ought to make better use of my Making Memories carousel. I must admit when I'm clearing up and I have something in my hand I'm not sure what to do with, I shove it in one of the drawers of the carousel. That way it is out of sight. But guess what? My drawers are crammed full of bits I will probably never use.
You might notice a roll of kitchen roll behind the carousel. That is permanent, essential for so many things.
I've got some copics and almost have the entire set, but not quite and I notice they have brought out some new ones. I am exerting considerable patience here, but it's just a matter of time ...
I have a mug which I made in pottery class at school a lifetime ago. I found it last time I moved house and it's perfect for storing scissors and tools. It's certainly far too chunky to be used as a drinking mug!
Other things you can see are my cricut machine and lots of cartridges, many never used ... yet. Also my Bind-it-all (which I resisted buying and now love, love love) and my Crop-a-dile (one tool I couldn't live without).

Thank you for looking
having a {me} day


Rach said...

oooo do i spy mme papers...delish.. love your craft desk hun... and all your storage solutions. hugs rachxx

Charlie said...

Wish I had half as many copics as you do! Thanx for sharing!

Yvonne said...

This is a fab space ( And yes should put more in your carousel)
But I think it's lovely and tidy. Unlike mine!!

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh thanks for sharing! How I love WOYWW!! Now, if your ribbon scraps are stored seperately, how do you store non-scrap ribbon? And I hear you about the new COpics, but with me it's papers, I set myself a rule to use at least a 3" wedge before I got more..I'm winning and it feels GOOD!! Thanks for joining the WOYWW nonsense, so fun to meet you!

Juls said...

what a great workspace!! very organised..and I am very jelous of those copics!!

Angie said...

What a great working area you have organized.

Dawn said...

Ooh you have some yummy stuff and just look at all those Copics!

I have the splat mat too!!