Sunday, 29 March 2015

learning to draw ...

... and paint and do all sorts of things, I never knew how!

I decided some time ago, that this would be the year, that I would learn to draw. It is something that has been lurking inside me for a while and now I have decided to get it out of me and see where it will go.

Soooooo, after quite some learning and practice, I am now ready to go public with my first piece!

It was also nice to finally get a page in my art journal mucky! This is a 9 x 12".

This new project is costing me a small fortune in new art supplies! And there was me thinking I already had everything. How wrong could I be!

This is my first time using watercolours also. It is worked in watercolours on an acrylic base. I have used some coloured pencils, water pencils and paint pens also. All new media for me to be working with.

Unfortunately I have so many layers of paint, that you can only just see the patterned cardstock underneath.

I hope you like my girls! On to the next lesson ...


sirkkis said...

Oooh,I really love your beautiful, impressive girls. You have great talent for drawing and I'm waiting for seeing more. Your girls have wonderful expression and colours are so enchanting.

Amanda said...

It's good to learn something new and looks like you've made a fabulous start. I am being persuaded to start drawing and have bought several books but not been brave enough yet.
Amanda x

Mrs.B said...

Love your girls faces, they have wonderful expressions.
Look forward to seeing more.
Avril xx