Monday, 18 May 2015

everything's coming up roses

Hello! Time for my next girl! She came together really quickly.

This time she is worked in acrylics on top of a napkin covered in roses.

I decided to paint her in non-flesh coloured tones for a change. Not sure about the cheeks! Maybe a  bit OTT!

Thank you for looking.


Monday, 11 May 2015

watercolour girl on fiber paste

Back to my art journal and continuing the journey.

This girl is worked in Schmincke Watercolours, onto a page which has been covered with Golden Fiber Paste.

I had a bit of a love-hate relationship working this girl. The lips drove me to distraction. I went over them sooo many times. Unfortunately, I reverted to pencil at one stage and it then became too waxy to go back over with watercolour, so that it would blend better with the rest of her. Oh well.

Anyway, I have a life, so time to just turn the page ...

Thanks for looking.


Sunday, 10 May 2015

create magic

Hello, I was just having a play yesterday.

I've decided to create some artwork using different techniques, so that I can hang the finished pieces on my 7gypsies photo carousel. Then I can have them on display in my craft room and also flick through them to inspire me, as needed!

I recently discovered my carousel, still in its original box, in a recent craft room clear out. I bought it four years ago and remember having to hunt it down at the time, so not sure if it is still available to buy.

So this is the first piece that I have made for the carousel, and appropriately entitled 'create magic' to begin my journey.

I started off by pulling a page from my Strathmore Mixed Media Journal. I have literally tons (well six!) of these journals in various sizes and different paper formats. This one is from the 5.5" x 8" journal. A perfect size for practicing techniques and also I thought a perfect size for sneaking away with me on my next holiday ;)

I first of all covered the page with gesso and let it dry.

I then covered the page with a Liquitex Matte Medium and smoothed down some book paper over the top of it, ensuring it was firmly pressed down.(Secret: I use old Mills & Boon books for my book papers!).

I waited for a few minutes, and then peeled the book paper off. The exact time is an art to master, as too short and the whole lot will come off and too long and your page will be firmly stuck down!

I was left with a mixture of some words going forwards and some going backwards and some gappy bits. Perfect!

I stamped a Stampers Anonymous stamp down the left hand side. I then drew a line all around the edge with a Faber-Castell Gelato - Metallic Blueberry. I then used a wet paint brush to drag the colour in towards the centre, but not completely. 

This completed the base upon which I would create my girl.

I've coloured the skin with PanPastels. I've added detail with various types of pencils and pens.

For the hair, I've mixed Liquitex ink! with modelling paste and applied it through the Tim Holtz ~ Burlap Layering Stencil. I've then reversed the stencil and applied it to the foot of the page, to bring in some co-ordinating colour to balance the page out.

And that is it! Fun!

Thank you for looking.


Sunday, 3 May 2015

blushing mixed media girls


Here are my latest mixed media girls on my learning to draw journey.

I created them from Schmincke Watercolours, Prismacolor pencils, paint pens and other pens.

Not sure what they are blushing at ;)

Thank you for looking.