Friday, 14 October 2011

i got one ... bye bye blackberry ...

... hello iPhone 4S.

I have used a BlackBerry for years now, but having become an Apple convert and not now allowing any gadget into my home unless it starts with 'i', I knew that my next phone would be an iPhone.

So this purchase has got nothing to do with BlackBerry going silent on me for three days this week. It was actually quite nice not to hear it constantly buzzing every five minutes and I could actually get some work done. My trusty iPad was still delivering my emails, so at least I didn't have to use the archaic method of 'logging on' everytime I wanted an email update.

I got a white one ...

About this time last year, my existing BlackBerry started to fall apart at the seams with the scrolly ball constantly falling out, but I decided to hold on to it so as to get the new iPhone 5. Not knowing I would have to wait a year and it still wouldn't be the 5! 

Anyway, I have this one now and I love it! I snuck out of the office this morning to pop over to the Apple Store in Covent Garden to get one. I just love this store, they are so helpful and friendly in here. All the staff are really well trained, they run such a slick operation. I took my camera with me to take some photos, but in all the rush completely forgot.

When I got there, there were easily 400 people in the queue and I thought that I would be there all day. As I approached the end of the queue, I was asked if I was just buying a handset or upgrading my contract. 'Upgrading my contract' I said. Then I was told I could just go straight in to the store.

Woohoo! I couldn't believe my luck! So I was immediately ushered through and assigned an assistant. As you walk into the store on launch day there are about 20 Apple people clapping and cheering you in (very loudly!) and they do the same when you are on the way out again. So embarrassing, but so lovely how they make each customer feel so welcome and grateful that they have shopped there, you can't help but grin at their enthusiasm.

I love how my iPhone is a mini version of my iPad and so much more.

I love the thing called 'Siri'. you can ask him questions and he talks back to you. 

You can highlight an email and he will read it to you.

You can dictate an email or text and they will type it for you. 

You can say send it to so and so and they will send it for you.

If something pops into your head and you think I must do that and then usually promptly forget, now I can just talk into my phone and ask it to remind me to do something at a certain time and it will schedule a reminder, whilst it talks back and clarifies that it is doing what it asks you to do. Soooo funny.

Love it.

Thank you Steve. R.I.P.

P.S. Yes, I will still be looking to get the iPhone 5 when it comes out, I am a marketing man's dream. LOL.

Thank you for looking.



Donna said...

Wow, you are so lucky to have the new iphone Keeley and in white too! My daughter would be very jealous to see your piccy's she currently has a Blackberry but now wants an iphone...trouble is they are still going for a lot of a money of Ebay...hope you have lots of fun playing hun :) Donna x

Amanda said...

I wouldnt be without my iphone & ipad, just waiting for my contract to run out and hopefully will also be the proud owner of an iphone 5 when it eventually shows itself....

Shelly said...

You lucky girl... I have a Samsung white thingy... it's nothing like your fabby iphone! I am so jealous ;) Enjoy your new toy!!! Shelly x

xxxtglxxx said...

Oooh, lucky you! :)

We have given up on mobiles - we live so remote we dont even have a land-line and no mobile signal at all, so unless it works on satellite I dont think I could use one, but it looks stunning!

I am a 'i' fan - my iPod is my most treasured possession and I wouldnt entertain a different mp3 player - ever!

Have fun with it!



michele said...

Have fun with your new gadget! I am so jealous but am now thinkinking of getting a blackberry playbook! hugs x